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When we began work on this new solar module, we considered every element that defines a perfect solar module — performance, reliability, heat resistance, PID, price and so on. We challenged ourselves to find the best, the most forward-looking way possible, to engineer each and every element. The result was something radically different from anything before.

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Shift with Innovation

The new Eclipse module is a significant breakthrough in module innovation. To make a breakthrough, you have to do everything better, including how it's manufactured. We cooperated with advanced equipment suppliers to develop a proprietary process and achieve unbeatable efficiencies. All so you’ll receive outstanding performance and savings for decades to come.

Introducing Seraphim Eclipse™

Meet the perfect solar module. Innovative module technology takes the traditional solar cell and makes it better: increased efficiency, higher reliability, reduced BOS costs, and improved aesthetics.

Breakthrough in Cell Technology

Increase the cells available space to absorb more sunlight

Innovative Technology for Interconnecting the Cell

Minimize the electrical losses from cell to cell and higher efficiency

Unique Production Method (Patent Pending)

Increases the modules active area, to convert more Sunlight into electricity

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