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  • Why do we need solar energy?

  • Global industrialization has brought us serious problems such as environmental pollution and climate change. These challenges compel us to look for clean and renewable energy. Sunlight is such a kind of energy. Today, solar power has become a mature technology and is widely used worldwide. This technology comes out with the following advantages: 

    •Clean and renewable energy: Solar energy is a kind of inexhaustible energy. Compared to the life cycle of human being, solar energy will not be exhausted. The solar power system converts solar energy into electricity through PV effect, thus will not discharge greenhouse gases. 
    •Quality guarantee: The solar power system is easy to install and the techniques applied in efficient and reliable modules ensure different requirements to be met. Within the 25-year long warranty period, solar power modules hardly need maintenance. 
    •Quick return on investment: The solar power system can be put into operation in a short period. Besides, more and more countries release various policies to stimulate application of solar power, for example, duty drawback or tax credit. 
    •Flexible application: The installation of the solar power system is not limited by the distribution of electricity grid. 

  • How does solar module work?

  • PV power generation is a method of converting solar energy into electricity via the solar cell. The solar power system generates power via this PV cell. When sunlight is reflected on the cell, the DC current emitted by the cell is converted by an inverter into AC current. By this process, daily electricity demand is met. 

    The solar power system can be used independently or connected to the public grid. Using the system to generate electricity will reduce expenditure on power consumption and promote application of clean energies. 

  • How big is the solar energy industry?

  • According to the report of the International Energy Agency (IEA), within the year 2002 to 2030, global demand on electricity will increase from 1.61 trillion KWh to 3.17 trillion KWh. IEA also reports that under the background that over 66% electricity is generated by fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, and gasoline, the wholesale price of electricity, driven by the continuous decrease of fossil fuel conserve and the continuous increase of power consumption, will ascend. This will cause the expenditure on power consumption to rise as well. We are urgently needing a kind of sustainable energy as alternative. 

    In today's energy shortage situation, countries have stepped up PV development. At present, there are two methods to use solar radiation: solar collector system and PV power system. Solar collector system collects the Sun's thermal energy so that we can directly use it; PV power system is to use solar energy to generate power. Seraphim chooses PV power system to produce and apply, striving for a clean and efficient future. 

    The American "California Solar Initiative" was put forward in order to descend expenditure on PV power and make PV power competitive within the year 2015~2020. Japan also planned a PV power capacity of 28GW by 2020. The European Photovoltaic Industry Association proposed a plan "set for 2020", expecting to make PV power competitive by 2020. On Jul. 15, 2013, China introduced the State Council on Promoting the Healthy Development of the Photovoltaic Industry, planning a PV power capacity of 35 million KW within 2015 to 2020, a 75% increase from the original target. 

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